El Mir LAw & Partners

El Mir Law & Partners

Is a leading legal services adviser in Lebanon and the Middle East region, is an independent law firm committed to providing the best and the most suitable solutions for its clients.

Our firm team members are target oriented, client satisfaction seekers, and the most sought after for the well-recognized high-end solutions in the legal and consultancy field. Both our local and regional clients are reaping benefits and achieving their desired results out of our legal assistance.

Our success is based on teamwork and extensive experience dating for more than 50 years, of two generations of renowned lawyers dealing with legal issues, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

We are dedicated to answering all inquiries, ensuring high-quality services to meet clients’ needs, and building strong and long-term professional relationships.

Our priority in providing legal services remains in the protection our client’s rights and interests in the best possible manners.

Practice Area

What We Cover

Litigation and Arbitration

El-Mir & Partners Law firm has a strong and diverse litigation and arbitration practice ..

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Banking And Finance

El-Mir & Partners is involved in an extensive range of banking and finance transactions ..

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Corporate and Commercial

El-Mir & Partners enjoys extensive knowledge in this area, including inter-alia ..

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Construction and disputes

El-Mir & Partners has extensive knowledge and experience in providing legal ..

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El-Mir & Partners provides its clients with legal advice and services in relation to the ..

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Labor Law and Social Security

Labor law forms an important part of any human capital activity and protects ..

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